Nikko Mercialo, Mike Rath, Kelly Ducetti


Animation, Videography, 3D, Rendering, Motion, Advertising


Fashion, Athletic Apparel


Nowadays most devices and interfaces have the option to switch to dark mode.  We took this feature to show objects and sceneries in an all black treatment, switching our world from white to black. Just like the Adidas triple-black products wanted to give each scene a rich, dark feeling. Using natural textures in contrast to soft and shiny man-made materials.


To create a truly unique film, we made the decision to build all of the shots in 3D, avoiding the use of stock material, ensuring full creative control and freedom. We built mini universes around each signature shoe; from a nature inspired landscape to a 90s digital interface. We made sure every shot counts, so they work stand alone and at the same time work together as a whole

The result is a collection of imagery that takes you on a sensory and slightly outer worldly journey. The film will be used in North America throughout all Adidas touch-points: online, in-store, print and social channels.