Stepping away from the obvious and overused “green/ blue” tones that every landscape company uses (and that Hedge Pro used to), we thought of what made the most sense in terms of what they were aiming to accomplish — to be understood by their market as the benchmark choice for crafting outdoor spaces that are a living extension of the home.

The enhancement of contemporary lifestyles is at the heart of Birchwood’s universe. For this reason, we explored icons and themes of softness, warmth, stability and foundation without being too heavy. The birchwood tree is a great representation of West Coast landscapes, and just so happens to make some interesting shapes when overlapped with the textures of architectural slate.

The design process also uncovered the colour palette, and the brand’s new name — Birchwood.

The design sensibility represents what Birchwood stands for: harmonizing the timeless values of service, integrity and unmatched quality with a forward-facing perspective on the role of landscapes in lifestyle and property value.

We designed the visual language to be personal and warm, yet professional and sophisticated — simplicity intended for scalability and versatility. The typography style takes cues from the clean, modern approach to the way the business operates, while the warm neutral colour palette introduces the classic vibe and creates a calming effect.

The strong shapes reinforce the confidence Birchwood has for the work their staff produces, while expressing confidence and reliability.

The logo itself communicates the creative, non-linear side of the company’s work, as well as capturing textural elements of slate, stone and the aesthetic of birch bark. It has just the right hint of a wild look and feel to show that landscaping is also about getting your hands dirty.

During research we learned that Birchwood’s target audience is successful professionals who view their home and yard as an urban oasis away from life’s hectic pace. They are looking to reconnect with family, delight friends as a host, invest in meaningful displays of success and self-worth, and reward themselves with a sense of deserved luxury.

Therefore, we developed the brand in a way that balances stability, warmth and imagination, respecting how the customer wants to feel when they step into their new space — drawing on tones and textures from sun-warm stone, earth and slate. The brand is treated more like lifestyle service than landscaping.

The visual themes communicate reliability, warmth and professionalism, connecting easily with businesses’ other client categories such as builders and strata managers.

Birchwood Landscapes


Nikko Mercialo (Strategy, Identity, Design, Copywriting), Siobhane Galloway (Visuals, Creative Direction)


Brand Strategy, Web, Graphics, Illustration, Print, Photography, Copywriting, Marketing and Social Media, Email Marketing


Landscaping and design


Unremitting focus on quality and professionalism had earned the company — formerly ‘Hedge Pro Plus’ — an impeccable reputation in its 10 years. But success brought new challenges and their brand presence and name no longer reflected the high-level status they’d achieved. We joined forces with their team and developed a new visual identity, printed collateral, website and content to help them solidify a strong market position.


We engaged in activation for Birchwood for two years following the brand's launch. The marketing ecosystem we developed for them was designed to educate prospective clients about services while differentiating the brand through its benefits and value points. And naturally, to inspire them to book a call.

This process involved integrated campaigns that where we managed Google Ads, created and published content for social media, and engaged in copywriting on-site and via email.

The results where a sustained ~30% growth of revenue and sales over two years, with higher quality projects and a stronger reputation. 

Anecdotal feedback from clients, vendors and partners has also been exceptional.