Kinloch Wellness Company


Nikko Mercialo (Creative Direction, Design Lead, Brand Identity)

Siobhane Galloway (Visuals)

Vetrina Group (Research, Data, Marketing)

Greener Agency (Copywriting)

Fer Rivera (Graphic Design)

MPG Max (Marketing)


Brand identity, packaging, print, website


Non-THC cannabis, CBD


Kinloch Wellness produces wellness products derived from plants. In a bold departure from cannabis industry conventions, Kinloch leverages their roots in agri-technology and science by taking an exclusive focus on the non-THC space. Their products feature CBD, and rare cutting edge cannabinoids such as CBG and CBN. They also make use of natural terpenes in their products for a wholly bespoke, effect-based system of wellness goods that stand to establish a new industry benchmark on quality and results.

We we're engaged by Kinloch's leadership team to develop a luxury-grade visual and brand identity for the company. From there, we also created a packaging system, designed collateral for social media and print applications, and developed a website to give the brand an online presence.

The project took a little over year to complete, with many incredible contributors and creatives on board to help the brand achieve a successful launch.

Kinloch has been nominated for a World CBD award.



The objective for the brand's identity was to capture a high-end or luxury feeling, while still remaining accessible to the target audience. Our inspiration was brands like Tiffany's, which have a timeless and elegant feel.

Many different stakeholders have a hand in operating Kinloch. From production managers and sales to vendors and marketing agency partners. To mitigate the risk on inconsistent presentation, style  or messaging, we created a 90+ page brand guidelines manual. This document serves as a single source for brand truth and a users manual for the brand. 

The cannabis space in Canada presents challenges in that much of what can be created is limited by government regulations. This made packaging design complicated, since stores are not permitted to sell products using anything except very limited government controlled designs. To solve this we effectively created two packaging systems. A "vanity" version, seen below. As well as the regulated "this is what gets sold in stores" version (bottom of section). This approach gives Kinloch a high degree of flexibility, since it can use the vanity versions for digital application and as in-store merchandizing, while still remaining compliant with Canadian regulations in terms of what is being sold to customers.

Differentiation happens on all levels with Kinloch. Note the rain drop shaped gummies? 

It was important to have a strong web presence that was optimized to achieve three main objectives:

1.  Educate the customer about products and value.

2. Inspire the senses while differentiating the brand.

3. Motivate the customer to buy.

The website is supported by intensive SEO research and application (courtesy of Greener Agency), and multiple integrated features to make the user experience smooth, accessible and memorable.

High end photography was created to capture Kinloch's visual identity and tell its story. The brand's voice and feel drip from every image, building desirability in the blink of an eye.

Kinloch stands apart from its competitors through an unmatched focus on "effect-based" products. Their wellness line is organized into four discrete categories based on the kind of effect the customer desires (better sleep, relax and chill, more creativity, etc.)


In order to communicate this effectively, four related colours where chosen to represent the categories.


Use of these colours was then restricted outside of applications related to their product, with the "brand colours" being chosen in neutral ranges and soft earth tones.


A graphic "effects wheel" was designed (shout out to Fer Rivera) to quickly communicate the effects, colours, and which cannabinoids and terpenes are associated with each product line.